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Reliance Jio launched JioFi, a portable WiFi hotspot device that lets you enjoy Jio 4G network speed anywhere and anytime. You can also use it for voice calling and SMS by installing the Jio Join app on your phone. You just need to buy the jio fi device from any reliance digital or Xpress mini store and insert the jio sim to start experiencing jio 4G network.

The JioFi device is very small and lightweight (it’s smaller than palm size). It is powered by its LYF brand and comes in three colors; black, blue and red. It is available exclusively now at all reliance digital and Xpress mini-stores at a price tag of Rs. 2899

Here are the features of JioFi device –

  1. Create a portable Wi-Fi hotspot with a push of a button. The company recommends connecting up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices and one on USB but you can connect even more devices if you want to on the wireless.
  2. You can enjoy HD voice calls, video calls and rich messaging on your 2G / 3G phone via the JioJoin app available.
  3. It has a battery capacity of 2300mAh that lasts up to 6 hrs according to company claim.
  4. It supports LTE band 2300, 1800 and 850 MHz.
  5. The WiFi is only 2.4 GHz compatible; no 5.0 GHz at the moment.
  6. You can insert a micro SD card of up to 32 GB capacity. It can be used to download & store data. You can transfer data from PC to Micro SD or vice-versa. You can also transfer stored data wirelessly to all connected users.
  7. It has a micro USB port that can be used for charging or USB tethering.

How to Set-up Jio Fi to Connect to Jio 4G Network

Configuring the jio fi portable hotspot device is very simple and straightforward. You do get a guide when you purchase jio fi that tells you step-by-step how to set it up but let me tell you quickly, how to do it properly…

  • Insert the Jio sim into jio fi device. If you want, you can also insert a micro sd card and then insert the battery that came inside the box.
  • Before inserting the battery, make sure you note down the WiFi SSID and password that is given there. You will need this to connect to Jio Fi.
  • Press the power button for some 3-4 seconds and you will see all the lights blink up.
  • You will now see WiFi SSID in your mobile or laptop or whatever you have. Connect to jio fi wifi network using the password that you noted earlier.
  • Once you are connected to jio fi, you can access its administration page by typing jiofi.local.html in your preferred browser. The default username & password for jio fi admin page is the administrator. Here you can change your wifi password or ssid name. You can also lookup various stats and control micro sd card storage if you have inserted one.

As a launch offer, Jio is bundling unlimited data, voice, and SMS for 90 days when you buy jio fi. But since it is a limited period offer, make sure you decide quick.

Personally speaking, the hotspot is costly but since Jio is offering 90 days unlimited jio fi preview offer with it, then I think it could be called value for money.

From my sources, I got to know that the company will be reducing jio fi price by some Rs. 1000 in the coming months but he was not sure whether the company will continue to offer free unlimited data, voice, and SMS for 90 days like it’s giving now.

You can get more details about jio fi preview offer here –

I hope this jio fi review will prove helpful in making the right decision. Share your views or query by using the comment form below.

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